Freight Brokers

We are a firm founded in Querétaro that lives every day its values so we can provide an excellent logistic service with the objective of solving any circumstances that can be presented in companies of all kinds. We seek to differentiate ourselves in the market offering quality, speed and security for your load. Also, we offer visibility during the transit time of the shipments so you can know where your cargo is.

Our customers are the most important and we are committed to satisfy their needs. 

Specialized team

Group of people trained to handle any shipment, dealing with customs matters, availability of units, reservation of spaces, documents of entry, time zones and all the regulations to the corresponding authorities.


We offer Charter, Courier or even Hotshot for the shipments that must arrive as soon as possible, using the fastest and most reliable transports. We use specialized services for the movement of critical loads around the world.


Specialized team that fulfills all legal documentation, immigration status, passports, insurance, CTPAT certifications, ISO, among other instruments that allow us to protect your loads.

Great Experience
Quality Services
Global Presence

Our deliveries are global

Our destinations have no borders, your shipments arrive safely anywhere in the world in hours, not days.